Commonly Found testicle cancer signs

Commonly Found testicle cancer signs

Testicular Cancer is a common kind of cancer that puts most young men’s lives at risk with its dangerous signs and symptoms.
But men just ignore the early signs of testicular cancer as they don’t want to seek medical advice because they feel that it just happens to elderly people.
But knowing about early signs of testicular cancer can lower their condition and could be curative when it is detected early.

Early Signs of Testicular Cancer:

Usually, testicular cancer is of two types which happen when the cells start to multiply out of control either in one or both the testicles. Let’s know the early signs of testicular cancer.
Formation of pain or painless lumps in one or both the testicles is the foremost sign that should be considered
Slight pain in the groin, lower abdominal region, and lower back is the frequent symptom of cancer as the disease spreads easily in the posterior part of the abdomen.
Sudden collection of fluid within the scrotum
Enlargement of testicles
Feeling heaviness in the scrotum
Pain or inflammation in the testicles
Any change in the feel of testicles
Enlargement or tenderness of breasts and nipples as tumor cells produce estrogen in high which leads to breast growth.
Shrinkage of testicles
Enlargement or discomfort in the scrotum
Most men do not have any of the above signs or symptoms and may not feel any pain in the testicles or scrotum. It varies from person to person and sometimes painlessly presents them completely. Sometimes abnormal growth of facial and body hair at an early age is the rare sign of testicular cancer.
Advanced symptoms of testicular cancer:
Rapid weight loss
Severe backache
Cancer may spread to lungs showing symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, and even chest pain
Swelling of lymph nodes in the abdomen or neck
If any individual notice the above warning signs of testicular cancer, then that person needs medical attention which is extremely important to get diagnosed.

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