5 major causes of low testosterone

Hormones are just chemicals that play a major role in the functioning of systems in our body and act on other parts of the body by traveling through the bloodstream. Well, testosterone is a sex hormone found in testicles that is responsible for typical men's characteristics.

5 major causes of low testosterone

Low testosterone means having low androgen levels which ensure the risk of decline in sexual function, muscle strength, and low-trauma fractures. 

Here we have listed some of the major causes for testosterone deficiency:

Hormone Disorders

Testosterone deficiency can result from certain hormonal disorders like high levels of prolactin and fluctuations in the levels of the hypothalamus. Pituitary diseases can also lead to low testosterone as the pituitary gland cannot produce proper amounts of FSH and LH which stimulate testosterone production. 


Testosterone productions do fall with age. Aging is the main factor in the reduction of testosterone levels. Generally, testosterone levels peaks during early adulthood and adolescence.
But unfortunately, you will find a decline in production after the age of thirty. Based on your family history, health and lifestyle make this decline more or less.

Testicular Injury

An injury to your testicles or scrotum leads to testosterone deficiency. Any damage to scrotum may cause less production of appropriate amounts of testosterone.

Lifestyle Factors

High stresses, excess body fat, poor nutrition, and sleep as well as lack of exercise are the causes of testosterone deficiency. Some opioid medications like Percocet and Vicoden can lower testosterone production. Marijuana may extremely lower testosterone levels.

Having Children

Some studies have shown that fathers of newborns can have low levels of testosterone. This happens due to poor eating habits, having less sleep, fat gain as well as stress-related to raising children

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