5 Best Water Aerobic Exercises

Looking to slim down faster without breaking more sweat? Just jump into your pool!! This would be a real fun that burns unnecessary extra fat and mega calories as well as shapes your trouble spots very easily.

5 Best Water Aerobic Exercises

No matter what is your age, water aerobics is suitable in your 20’s or 60’s like best fitness plans to get greater flexibility, fat loss, and increased muscle strength.

1. Aqua Jogging

 Go to your community pool when the laps are open. Now start off moving up and down just like a jogging motion down the lane. You will really feel and appreciate the water resistance.
Constant resistance of the water makes you work hard to force the water. With this, your breathing elevates very fast and is a great cardio workout for you.

2. Plank in The Pool

This is another wonderful aerobic core building exercise. This workout needs a foam noodle about 3 feet long. Get into the medium depth water and place your hands on the noodle at shoulder-width apart.
Now sink into the water by keeping your head above the water. Hold the position for some time by keeping your back straight. Performing this in shallower water helps you greatly.

3. Lunges

Another staple workout for legs!! Get into the waist-deep water; keep your one foot straight in front of you so that your other foot will take a perpendicular position to the thigh of the first foot.
Alternate the legs and go for 20 reps taking a bit rest. With this, your thighs feel greater burn afterward.

4. Otter Roll

Take a beach ball and hold it to your chest. Now float on your back by keeping legs extended and feet together. Spin towards left and over the ball as much as you can but make sure to involve full body including legs, back, shoulders, etc.
After making a full revolution, return to the starting position. Take a deep breath. Continue for 30 seconds shifting the roll positions.

5. Yoga Pose

This is a fantastic exercise for stretching your hamstrings. Keep your one ankle under foam noodle and stretch your leg out. Hold the position for some time.
Now switch to other feet and feel the relaxation you get. The surprising thing about this is you get great core works by balancing in the water.

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