10 Tips To Improve Fitness For Over 40 Men

Are you tired of growing gut and countless pain and aches? You have decided that it is time to stay fit and get into shape. Well, you need to develop some fitness goals to stay motivated and look better.

10 Tips To Improve Fitness For Over 40 Men

During your 20s and 30s, your fitness targets may have involved getting six-pack abs, but when you are over 40, your fitness goals might be more focused on health than physique.

Here are 10 tips to 

improve fitness for

 over 40 men:

If you are dealing with any existing health conditions or you have been inactive for long periods, you have to get medical clearance with your doctor before you begin a fitness program.
Maintain a healthy weight: if you are overweight, maintaining a healthy weight must be a priority. If you are carrying around excess weight, losing 10% of it significantly lowers your risk of developing many chronic illnesses.
If you don’t practice workouts, as you are aging your body begins to lose muscle and gains fat. Workouts to build muscle not only gives you a toned and lean look but also helps prevent aches and pains, improves stamina and strength.
As you are getting older, diet is as important as workouts if you are trying to improve your fitness levels. A healthy diet for men over 40 must include plenty of vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, legumes, lots of water, lean meats, and whole grains.
Go faster for distances that are short to improve your running form. You will not only do better but also you will be less susceptible to injuries.
Once you start you over 40 fitness program, you must be consistent and follow it without a break if you wish to get any permanent benefits from it.
Check your current fitness levels and define your goals as goal setting has to be a part of your fitness program.
Warm up before exercise and stretch after your exercise both are important for older exercisers as they lose flexibility over years and to avoid injuries.
Begin with lighter exercises and build up gradually with heavier weights. Don’t push yourself too fast or too hard to get fast outcomes.
Find the activities that are right for you and get comfortable if you are new to exercise.

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